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At GenEd, we believe that learning is best done at your own pace, with your own story. GenEd users experience high quality animated simulators that bring the story of their genetics to life. Let’s bring the genomics revolution from the ivory tower to your personal computer or mobile device. Are you ready for the GenEd Experience?

Your Data, Your Story: The Future of Health.

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Your GenEd Story

Real people learn best from stories. Every GenEd Story has three parts, centered on you as an individual. Click or Tap here to see a sample MTHFR Story GenEd

The Story increases in complexity from an easily interpreted snapshot to detailed literature support.

"Your Snapshot" uses graphics and animations in a responsive format to explain in simple terms how your genome is translated from DNA to your physical body. No lecturing, no jargon. This section is ideal for communicating the effects of your unique genome to family members and healthcare providers that are not knowledgeable about genomics. Your Biology

"Your Context" places your genome in the context of all humanity. How does your genome compare to all known genomes? Your Context

"Your Science" is a deep dive into the science behind your GenEd Story. Where did all this information come from? "Your Science" distills the best of the scientific literature into an easy-to-read illustrated text with citations for further research. Your Science

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