The GenEd Team

GenEd is a team of physicians and scientists working to make a healthcare system so good, so cheap, and so effective that no one would use anything else. A truly universal healthcare system, built by educated users of the system from the ground up, requires learning that works for everyone.

Our first principle: education is the highest form of medicine.

Informed people do not need gatekeepers to intermediate between knowledge and their own personal action. Are you ready to learn so much about yourself that you can see the truth?

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Our Founders

Howard Wetsman, MD is an Addiction Psychiatrist who has pioneered the treatment of addiction as a primary complex biological illness regardless of reward involved. He has been using genetics to guide the treatment of patients for over 10 years in various capacities. He currently blogs at and and has a web series on YouTube called Ending Addiction.

Ellie Wetsman, MD is a Child Abuse Pediatrician practicing in New Orleans. She has a successful history as an entrepreneur and provides the guiding common sense that keeps our team in line with our customers.

The Drs Wetsman at their farm.

Chief Medical Officer

Stephen Bass, MD's detailed information will be available shortly. Steve is a rabid LSU fan and lives in Phoenix, AZ. He is currently an Addiction Medicine fellow.

Chief Science Officer

Steve Finckbeiner, PhD is a scientist, teacher, and entrepreneur. Steve is excited to bring the GenEd message to the world.

The Steves at Antoine's in New Orleans